General design guidelines

General guidelines for design/build projects can be found here. For cleanroom guildelines, please see our cleanroom construction design guidelines page.

Ceiling HEPA Filter Coverage:

Class 100 50%-60%
Class 1000 25%-30%
Class 10K 10%
Class 100K 5%

Hook-up to Air Conditioning: 100%, 50% or 30% of HEPA’s attached to HVAC, with dampering boxes.

Returns / Chimneys: General 2’ x 2’ ceiling returns, with or without prefilters. Aluminum or steel returns, with or without prefilters.

Lights: Class 100, office lights won’t work. Go to sealed cleanroom lights which fit ¾” T-bar. Class 1000 and Class 100K, can seal office lights. Cleanroom light preferred.

T-Bar / Ceiling Grid: Re-support existing with heavy-duty hanger wire where necessary. Gasket with non-harding, close cell gasketing material and change ceiling panels to Class 100 or Class 1000 Mylar faced. Or floor loaded system made from welded steel, aluminum extrusion, lights integral with grid system.

Wall Finish: Paint with enamel or acrylic/latex on existing smooth wall surface. Alternate finish interior wall with FRP smooth plastic panels for ease of cleanliness and high tech appearance.

Doors / Entryways: Re-paint existing with enamel or acrylic/latex or replace with metal doors. New doors, Glass doors, auto closures, panic bar, door stops. Strip and/or solid curtains within the room or separate entry vestibule design.

Gown Change Entry Area and Other Amenities: Pass-thrus, Hand dryers,($1,350.00 12 second to $75.00 42 second) Sinks, ADA compatible Acorn circular sinks to simple stainless utility sink. Air showers, interlocks, exit / emergency lighting. Magnahelics.

HEPA’s: AC, 110v, 240v, or 277v. Higher voltage is slightly less watts. DC HEPA’s, half of power and usually ROI of 12 to 14 months. Zone control, capability to reduce speed to save power on weekends, holidays and off hours. Computer controlled, PC based system. Touch screen design for HEPA monitoring. Pressure differential switches.

General Note: Cleanrooms can be a retrofit system or hard wall, soft wall, floor loaded, closed loop, open loop systems. They must be custom designed to your applications. Concerns re: Your electrical capability, HVAC support and balance capability, and interstitial air space. Little Brothers Construction does a no charge, preliminary design for the purpose of your quote, which will answer the questions of feasibility of design to support your needs.